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Community Relay

Nebraska Health Network partnered with findhelp.org, a national social care network, to bring Community Relay to the Midwest. Nebraska Health Network is the Accountable Care Organization for Methodist Health System and Nebraska Medicine. 

We believe in findhelp's mission of helping connect individuals with the services and support they need. Community Relay is a valuable resource to help our providers holistically serve patients by connecting their clinical and personal needs across the entire continuum of care. 


Community Relay allows us to review Social Determinants of Health at the Network level. We can quickly identify the most common patient concerns, which resources are most beneficial in addressing social needs and overall patient impact.


Community Relay helps increase communication by enabling any member of the equation -- the provider, patient or community partner -- to update the status of the electronic referral. Plus, every member of the care team can securely and quickly see whether a patient has engaged with the new service.


The Community Relay platform includes more than 140,000 community partners. The Nebraska Health Network is actively working with local community partners to increase the quality and quantity of listings. Plus, the findhelp team verifies listings for accuracy and updates regularly.



Nebraska Health Network and findhelp work directly with our community partners to help increase their engagement and understanding of the platform. findhelp hosts monthly training sessions to help further engage users.

a valuable provider resource

How Community Relay Helps Patients

Within the Nebraska Health Network, Community Relay is a valuable resource to help us better understand what services and support our patients need the most, which community partners are most responsive to our patients and how we can better serve our patients overall.

As a patient, your care team may use Community Relay as part of your overall care. This solution enables social workers and clinical staff to quickly search for services, electronically send you a list of potential support services and initiate an introduction from the Community Relay platform.

In addition, you can independently use Community Relay to search for services for you or your family members at any time. To be included in the directory, community partners must offer free or reduced-cost services and programs.


Use Our Tip Sheet Series to Discover:

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How to Read a Program Card

How to Save Your Favorite Program

How to Share a Program

How to Refer Individuals to a Program

How to See People I am Helping

How to Suggest a Change or Program

How to Share Results in a Different Language

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