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Autism Action Partnership

Autism Action Partnership provides support to Nebraska’s autism community by creating opportunities for inclusion and paving the way for individual prosperity. The organization provides many programs and events such as Making Memories, A-Team, Prosper Workforce Services and more. Their efforts are focused on making meaningful change in the community to grow acceptance of those with different abilities.

What services do you provide?

Autism Action Partnership serves Nebraska’s autism community by providing support to families, creating opportunities for inclusion in the community and paving the way for individual prosperity.

Our organization provides:

  • Making Memories events – opportunities for families to enjoy local venues in a sensory friendly environment
  • Project Lifesaver – a safety program for individuals who are prone to wander or elope
  • Resources for individuals and families
  • A-Team – an after-school group for individuals with autism to connect, learn, and have fun
  • Prosper Workforce Services – a workforce development program for autistic young adults to secure meaningful employment
  • Prosper Academy – a two-year post-secondary program for young adults on the spectrum to gain independence
  • Training and consultation for area businesses and organizations to learn how to become more inclusive

How have you seen the organization make a difference?

There are so many ways to positively impact the autism community, and we focus our efforts on making meaningful change in the community to grow acceptance of those with different abilities. We do this through our programming, training offerings, and special events like our 2022 Common Senses Festival.

Is there anything you wish more people knew about your organization?

One thing we wish more people knew about autism – is the talents and strengths of those with ASD. Autistic individuals have a unique set of skills that set them apart from others. Individuals with autism oftentimes have a high level of accuracy, being able to point out mistakes that neurotypical individuals may have missed and process information differently, which can be a benefit to employers or organizations seeking to maximize efficiencies.

What previous event have you held that has greatly impacted your organization?

Though we’ve hosted many events for families over the years, we hosted a month-long, community-wide festival for everyone in the community in April 2022 – Common Senses Festival. Through Common Senses Festival, we aimed to push the needle forward for inclusion of individuals of all abilities in our community. Through innovative installations, symposiums, and sensory-friendly workshops, Autism Action Partnership enacted positive change in our community – with the goal of inclusion becoming part of our every day and growing understanding and acceptance in the general public.

How can people get connected/involved?

We welcome all community members to get involved in inclusion efforts for the autism community. Follow us at @AutismActionPartnership on Instagram or on Facebook. We welcome new members to our volunteer Guild, which includes a social membership for self-advocates, family members/friends, and professionals in the autism community to connect and share resources.

Contact Information

Name: Katie Ping

Title: Development and Communication Manager


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