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Calistus Multiple Myeloma Foundation

The Calistus Multiple Myeloma Foundation (CMMF) is an Omaha-based nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of individuals and families impacted by multiple myeloma in Nebraska and Iowa. Our mission is to provide access to quality information, early diagnosis, and treatment for multiple myeloma, support for patients and families of people impacted by the disease, and advocate for access to quality care. CMMF was founded in 2019 after Judith Obodougo, the founder, experienced her father’s death and suffered from multiple myeloma. Her father's death empowered her to do all she could by creating this organization to help others going through the same illness as their family members.

What services do you provide?

Dollar Energy Program Utility Bills. My organization is a community partner with OPPD with their Dollar Energy Fund project. We help families with low income or low income get signed up for their OPPD bill help. Also, during the winter season, we do coat drive for our Myeloma patients which we have left over. We can also provide anyone that needs assistance with the coat as well.

Transportation to the patient’s chemotherapy appointments, Mental health, and wellness support, Palliative care.

How have you seen the organization make a difference?

Our goal is to increase awareness of multiple myeloma and ensure that people experiencing multiple myeloma have adequate support and resources so that they receive the appropriate treatment and have the highest quality of life possible. We seek to achieve these goals by accomplishing the following objectives during 2023:

  • Carry out four quarterly webinars, each attended by 20 participants.
  • Hold two seminars, each attended by 20 participants.
  • Participate in at least four community events, such as festivals or fairs, with at least 25 people engaging with us at each event.
  • Provide support to 25 patients and their families by offering direct services or referrals.

We will evaluate the success of our efforts by measuring the outcomes indicated above. We will provide surveys following each outreach and education event to evaluate how successfully we have accomplished our outcomes. In addition, we will survey patients regarding our efforts to support them.


Is there anything you wish more people knew about your organization?

We will host quarterly webinars featuring Dr. Sarah A. Holstein, an oncologist who specializes in multiple myeloma at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. In March, which is Myeloma Awareness Month, we will host a series of seminars; the Omaha community will be invited, particularly myeloma patients in remission. The seminars will again be led by a local oncologist.

In addition, we plan to hold quarterly community events, including an awareness event in March, a fundraising event for myeloma patients in April, a “back-to-school” event in August seeking donations for school-age children of myeloma patients, a food pantry in October, and a coat drive in December. We will promote the events through our social media accounts, our newsletter, and announcements in local magazines. We have had success with similar events in the past. For example, about 200 people received food at our most recent food pantry, and our fundraising events had more than 250 attendees. We have also participated in a range of community events to spread the word about myeloma diagnosis and treatment.

CMMF (Calistus Multiple Myeloma Foundation) is funded by individual donations, fundraising events, and foundation grants.

How can people get connected/involved?

By volunteering your time during our events, like coat drive, and gala preparation. Also follow us on our social media to get more information about any upcoming events, and events.

Contact Information

Name: Judith Obodougo
Title: President
Phone: 402-686-3559

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