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Community Relay allows you to send and receive referrals, track and manage care and improve intake and scheduling. More than 150,000 organizations participate in Community Relay nationwide.

Our platform is powered by findhelp, a nationwide social care network. The findhelp team researches, verifies and adds qualified programs to the listings so that they are easily found on the Community Relay platform.


Community Relay securely connects you with individuals in need. Users begin by entering their zip code and can then search by the type of service or support needed. As a Community Relay partner, you can customize your profile to showcase programs and services, notify users how to reach you. Community Relay offers complimentary, online appointment scheduling and screening tools.


Community Relay and findhelp are offered free of charge to help ensure that individuals quickly can access the services and support they need. To be included, Community Partners must offer free or reduced-cost services and programs.

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With more than 150,000 active listings on Community Relay nationwide, your organization may already have a profile. Click the link below to search our nationwide directory and either update or create your profile.

Request Our Social Media Kit

Community Relay invites you to use this social media kit to complement your social messaging. The kit includes a series of messages and digital assets to help promote your Community Relay listing. We encourage you to share Community Relay's posts as well. Our messaging focuses on resources available in our local community!


Community Partner Toolkit

findhelp's non-profit toolkit provides valuable resources to help you better understand referral patterns, discover the needs of your beneficiaries and more. All packaged in a FREE toolkit just for participating.


As your offerings and programs evolve, an up-to-date listing ensures the community always knows what is available.


Gain valuable insight by tracking your impact for funding initiatives, gathering program insights and eligibility reporting on incoming referrals. 


Incorporate your eligibility requirements and capacity limits into your profile. 

Community Relay mobile mockup


Enables seekers, individuals searching for assistance, to schedule appointments directly from the Community Relay platform. 


Track and manage referrals received through the platform. When appropriate, keep the individual's care team informed of your progress. 


Incorporate a screening questionnaire into your profile to see if applicants qualify for services.

Get Started with Community Relay

  • Review your online listing

    Trouble finding your listing? Contact us

  • Claim your listing

    Users with a valid organizational email can claim and update profiles as necessary. 

  • Learn how to maximize your participation

    Attend one of our monthly trainings to learn how you can leverage Community Relay to promote your organization.

  • Stay enaged

    Actively receive and act on referrals from individuals and health-care providers.

  • Receive valuable analytics

    Community Relay's reporting capabilities enable you to measure the quality and quantity of referrals within the system.

Want to Learn More About Community Relay?

Contact us to learn more about the platform, upcoming training sessions and more!


Use Our Tip Sheet Series to Discover:

How to Search for a Program

How to Read a Program Card

How to Save Your Favorite Program

How to Share a Program

How to Refer Individuals to a Program

How to See People I am Helping

How to Suggest a Change or Program

How to Share Results in a Different Language

Find Local Support

Search by zip code or support category. NEW! Search for COVID-19 resources or look for the COVID-19 tag on listings.